We produce custom newsletters that help property managers communicate with their residents quickly, effectively, and affordably.




First, we'll need you to click on that Sign Up button at the top of this page. You'll fill out some basic information and submit it to us. Upon receipt, we'll contact you to answer any questions and have you complete an annual or month-to-month agreement.


Once your training is completed, you're ready to start the fun part! You'll login to your account and get customizing. You can add announcements to the front page as well as special events and important reminders to the calendar on the back page, and then submit it for processing. We take care of everything on the inside pages.


Once you submit the newsletter to us, we handle the rest! We will print the desired quantity of newsletters and ship them directly to your doorstep in one box. You can distribute your newsletters directly to your residents, leave a stack in the leasing office for prospects, or do both!


  • Jessica H.
    "We loved it and the residents loved it too. The program is very user friendly as well."
    Jessica H.
    Marietta, OH
  • Lauralee M.

    "My experience with Resident News is that the product is no nonsense! As a busy community manager for a senior property I have found that the system allows me to have flexibility in offering my residents either a very tailored experience from my own voice or a more standard straight forward newsletter that is well written and relevant if I do not have time. Moreover, best of all the application offers me the ability to use the articles and build on them with my own ideas."

    Lauralee M.
    Sonora, CA
  • Lauralee M. (cont.)

    "Secondly, I just want to thank you for your customer service. There has been more than one time I've had emergencies come up on the property and I've been unable to meet the deadline. Thank goodness your staff understands what it is like on the front lines, and they have afforded me the time it takes to get my job done. I love my seniors and you make my job easier in telling them how much they are appreciated every month. And that appreciation is delivered right to their front door!"

    Lauralee M. (cont.)
    Sonora, CA
  • Pam L.

    "The best vendor experience possible!  The best word I could use for our experience is EFFORTLESS.  From finalizing agreements, to training staff to use the website, to the quality of the products delivered, and ultimately, to the impact these newsletters have on resident retention and the extension of our brand and image, Resident News makes it happen simply, quickly, accurately, and professionally - every time."

    Pam L.
    San Diego, CA
  • Pam L.

    "When we face a challenge at our properties, Resident News offered flexibility and support so we can carry on our operations without a glitch; and their customer service has always been stellar. These newsletters have become an integral part of our marketing image, primarily because the ease of use and continuity that Resident News provides to us is unmatched. I highly recommend the company because they are able to consistently exceed expectations."

    Pam L.
    San Diego, CA