Recruit the Right Security Personnel for Your Apartment Community

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May 29, 2018
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May 29, 2018
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Recruit the Right Security Personnel for Your Apartment Community

Many rental communities are increasingly focused on tightening security–very important for reducing the chances your residents and staff will be in danger. Putting effective security measures in place is also essential in maintaining your community’s image. When residents know their home is safe, they are more likely to renew their leases. And when prospective residents visit a community known for its safety, they are more likely to sign a lease.

What type of security system does your community need?

Upgrading security usually means installing new security cameras, a gated entrance, alarms, and other technologies. Because security needs vary from one community to the next, property managers should think carefully about the type of security personnel they will recruit.

How many buildings is your community comprised of? What’s the layout? How many residents live there? On average, how many guests, staff, and delivery service workers visit the community on a daily basis?

As you make plans to tighten security, consider hiring one or several of the following security personnel:

Hiring a front desk concierge staff provides more than security; this staff also brings an air of luxury to apartment living, by functioning like a host or ambassador to a community (usually an urban high-rise) and welcoming every resident, guest, and fellow staff member who checks in.

If you plan to hire new front desk staff members, look for job candidates who have experience in security as well as in customer service. Then, train these staff members to adopt a friendly and courteous persona as they assist guests and ensure your community’s security.

If you already have a front desk concierge staff, provide them with opportunities to build new skills. Can they respond to emergencies efficiently? Can they answer guests’ questions with helpful information?

In addition to front desk concierge staff, it’s also a good idea to hire traditional security officers who will patrol every area of your community and collaborate with concierge staff members to keep residents safe.

Hiring resident security officers is a smart move for large, multi-building communities for several reasons. One, security officers who live on site provide an added layer of safety, because these officers will have a personal interest in safeguarding the community where they live. Two, as residents, they become acquainted with their neighbors, the very people they protect. 

Be sure to hire as many security officers as needed to patrol your community 24-7. Train them to monitor every area of the apartment community, including offices, amenities, and parking lots, as well as report criminal activity and maintain a daily activity log.

At your next resident appreciation event, introduce your resident security officers as valued members of the community.

Don’t forget routine security upgrades

At the same time that you recruit the right security personnel for your community, be sure to take care of routine security upgrades. All stairwells and hallways should be well-lit, so be sure to replace the light bulbs in all the stairwells and hallways as well as change the locks on each unit once a year, and, of course, installing security cameras.

These precautions will go a long way in helping residents feel more secure, and could make all the difference in a real emergency.

What are your plans for recruiting security personnel? Share in the comments below.


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